Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide the highest quality dental care using the best technology available that will provide predictable, lasting results. We believe that people can keep their teeth for life, and we know that the majority of dental problems can be prevented before they occur. We have a preventative philosophy that strives to achieve both for our patients.


Clarkedental has been serving the people of Melbourne for over 40 years. Established by Dr Peter Clarke, Dr Damian Clarke joined the practice in 1990. Today, Drs Damian Clarke and Aaron Martin, together with a dedicated team of dental assistants, dental technicians, and dental specialists continue to provide quality dental care to our patients.At our practice, you will receive dental care in a “state of the art” facility. All our equipment and materials used are constantly updated to reflect the most currently successful clinically proven scientific research. We are committed to the highest levels of infection control in accordance with the National Health and Medical Research Council’s Guidelines and those set out by Australian Standards.

We are all members of the Australian Dental Association (ADA) and committed to continual update of our knowledge and clinical skills. We hope you will find our website useful and informative.