We are committed to providing treatment with the latest technology and techniques. Our practice is fully computerized including our x-rays which are digital ensuring minimal radiation exposure to patients and staff.


Infection control

We are committed to the highest standards of infection control. Our state-of the art sterlizers (we have three!) ensure that everything used on that patient is strerilzed if it is not disposed of. All sterile items are tracked and sterlization processes verified. We have our systems evaluated by an infection control consultant on a regular basis.

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The use of our clinical microscope greatly improves the quality of a number of different treatments, especially root canal treatment. The old surgical saying that “you can’t treat what you can’t see” is just as important in clinical dentistry.

The unprecented vision the dental microscope offers the ability provide treatment with greater precision than ever before.


Ultrasonic instruments

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Ultrasonic technology has improved greatly over recent years and is an invaluable tool in almost all areas of dentistry. It allows treatment to be undertaken with greater precision and less trauma.

Our state of the art Satelec ultrasonic helps us provide excellent results in root canal therapy, periodontal therapy and many aspects of restorative and reconstructive therapy. Our Piezosurgery is the state of the art in surgical ultrasonics. It is invaluable in enabling us to perform various aspects of oral and implant surgery with minimal trauma.


Hi Tech Dental Units


Our Dental units (or chairs) are all high quality European units that ensure comfort and cleanliness with use clean, distilled water and internal cleaning mechanisms that ensure hygiene is maintained.



9We are able to offer in-office bleaching with our Zoom light and associated materials.

10We also ensure our home bleaching systems attain the best results possible by fabricating our home bleaching trays in-house on our own German manufactured pressure forming equipment.




How do you ensure that restorations (inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges, dentures, implant restorations) feel natural in our patient’s mouths and fit in with all the jaw movements of speech and chewing? The answer, with the aid of a high quality articulator. Our German made SAM articulators allow us to come as close as possible to reproducing the patient’s jaw movements and relationships allowing whatever we make to “fit in” unnoticeably into the patient’s mouth.