Never before has technology offered patients with such a range of options to restore weakened back teeth.

Crowns: this method is very predictable with a long history of use and involves making a “cap” that fits over the tooth like a hat. It really acts like a new, artificial outer layer for the tooth.

Crowns these days are often made of high strength ceramics, such as zirconia, or composite resin, but can also be made with a metal (precious metal alloy) inner layer, or occasionally made of gold alloy. A disadvantage of this technique is that it requires removal of tooth structure.

Inlays or onlays, These are a more favourable option where possible. Using composite resin (eg. Lava Ultimate) or ceramic (eg IPS Emax), it is possible to restore a tooth without need for additional removal of tooth structure. Because it relies on adhesion to stay in place, it also strengthens the tooth by binding the restoration and the tooth together.