Root canal or endodontic treatment is a form of therapy undertaken when the soft tissue in the middle of the tooth (called the pulp) dies or is in the process of dying. This soft tissue comprises nerve fibres and blood vessels, and because teeth are the only structure in the body that doesn’t change once formed, a tooth can retain full function even if the pulp is lost. There is really no substitute for a tooth, and so saving a tooth, where possible is always the best option.

As with many other aspects of dental practice, root canal or endodontic treatment has undergone vast changes over recent years. These have resulted in the treatment being more highly predictable, and associated with less discomfort and pain during and after the procedure.

The causes of pulp death can be from decay, repeated fillings on a tooth, a crack or trauma to the tooth. The procedure involves removing any infected pulpal tissue, disinfecting the pulp space and filling or sealing the area with a root canal filling. The procedure often takes more than one visit.

Here at Clarkedental, we have incorporated the lasted technology to be able to deliver the best possible treatment.

  • Dental microsope. This instrument is invaluable in providing quality root canal treatment. The visualization provided helps to ensure that any and all infected tissue is removed from the root canals.
  • Ultrasonic instruments. This technology has unparalleled use in aiding cleaning and location of root canals blocked by calcifications or other structures.
  • Nickle-titanium rotary files – these instruments provide the best way of cleaning and preparing canals for sealing.

State of the art irrigation systems. Hi tech ultrasonic irrigation together with specialized irrigation devices mean we can clear infection better than ever.